Exclusive Release Mason Garments Flash Collection at SwagFashionStore

Mason Garments Predator & Prey

You might be familiar¬†with the previous collections of Mason Garments, this fall they will come out with a brand new line up of exclusive designs. The campaign features the upcoming talented models Thamara Caldeira and Ste Bertram Rose. The lucky … Continue reading

Construction, Art or Shoe?

I’m always excited when I see people do crossovers. Why should we be limited to boxes?Andreia Chaves doesn’t just make pretty shoes, first of all you don’t see a shoe like that everyday and most of her designs raise questions … Continue reading

A Bubbly Hotel in Seoul, South Korea.

From the outside you might not immedeatly see all of the bubblyness of this hotel, but once you have entered the lobby you can’t get pass its funky interior. A typical superhotel with mixed functions. The customer actually never has … Continue reading