Iris van Herpen wins Dutch Design Awards 2013

Iris van Herpen wins Dutch Design Awards 2013. For her winter collection 2012/2013. The show contains several 3d-printed designs, these have become her trademark as a leading modern-day-haute-couture- designer. She implements technologies from other industries to create high fashion built out of … Continue reading

Chick in the City

Sniff some culture. Multi culture? Lovely culture. Yeah, that’s my city.. The Hague City! Today I was looking out of my window, I live on the 25th floor so my eyes were reaching out over the city while a little … Continue reading

Somewhere between Fashion & Architecture and Beyond Beauty..

Inspired by my previous post, I just had to drop a new post showing a glimpse of Iris Van Herpen’s collection. Some of you fashionfollowers might have seen it already, but to my more architecture orientated readers… you should see … Continue reading

Where Architecture meets Fashion: 3D-PRINTING

A new phenomenon is rising: 3D-PRINTING. Where this technique was already used for quite some time in architecture, mostly used to make 3D-models and maquettes to improve the designprocess for architects, has now become more familiar with other industries such … Continue reading