New Fall/Winter BikerBoots: Jeffrey Campbell vs. Ash?

This “spikes and studs” trend has been around for some time now. Seems like they’ve made it to the next season aswell. How about this battle of the baddest biker boots? A lot of brands have released shoes with these dangerous but fancy applications to upgrade their shoes lately, but they suit these bikerbabies very well in my opinion! Ash changed the model of their boot a slight bit from their earlier collection, but aspects of the traditional boot remained, while Jeffrey Campbell came up with some edgy new types of this style. Which brand do you like better? JC or Ash?


Ash, Dean, $385

Ash, Titanic, $425

Ash Titanic, $425


Jeffrey Campbell, Coventry, $335

Jeffrey Campbell, Blitz, $235

Jeffrey Campbell, Captz, $490

Jeffrey Campbell, Bladz, $555

You can find these badass boots on the fabulous Solestruck.

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