Let’s go MiniMall?!

The MiniMall is a redevelopment project in Rotterdam. Since the economic crisis a lot of old unused buildings saw a new light of day. The MiniMall is one of these creative projects that has been given a second life with great architectural interventions. The concept has a variety of functions all related to culture stimulation. There are a few unique shops based in the MiniMall and there is one in particular that caught my eye. ANNO! Not only because of the pure looks, but also for the concept. ANNO sells organic designer clothing that is produced in a responsible way. All this under the motto: beautiful YOU, beautiful WORLD. With ANNO fashion is paramount, but at the same time you can assume that your purchase is sustainably produced. The interior is designed by URBMATH also based in Rotterdam. Photos are taken by MiniMalls house photographer Maarten Laupman and fashion photographer Marnix Postma. If you ever get a chance to visit Rotterdam you should definitely check out ANNO and the MiniMall!


photo by Maarten Laupman

ANNO concept by URBMATH

photo by Marnix Postma

photo by Marnix Postma

photo by Marnix Postma

photo by Marnix Postma

photo by Marnix Postma

photo by Marnix Postma


Completed: September 2011
Space type: Retail
Brand type: Product (range)
Gross area: 55,1 m2

Project description
ANNO is located in the creative hotspot Mini Mall in the former Hofplein
train station in Rotterdam. Hofplein station, a pre-war design by
Rotterdam architect J.P. Stok, characterised by the underlying 16 arches.

The existing strongly defined visual identity (house style) serves as an
important basis to realize a spatial experience of the ANNO brand. The
55m2 shop space is spread out over two half arches and is divided by a
series of monumental columns in two separate rooms.

A sliding panel system that is attached to two of these columns ensures
that the in-between space has two functions. The change room is closed and
a through-way is open and connects the two rooms. The position of the cash
desk, next to the first column, also ensures that the entire space can be
seen by one person.

The wall unit is done in the colours of ANNO and a clothing rack made of
an industrial tube, which creates curved zones for various types of
clothing. In addition to the spatial experience, a product display and 150
custom-made clothes hangers have been designed, which have been produced
using a digital production method.

By integrating the colours and lines of the house style in the interior
and because of the use of industrial materials, the project fits in
perfectly with the contrast of this pre-war context and the renewal that
can be found in this area.

About Space Branding
URBMATH develops brand identities that are translated into overall
concepts, from utensils to spatial identity. We convert existing brands to
spatial brand experiences

About ANNO
ANNO: beautiful YOU, beautiful WORLD
Mooi en duurzaam: twee begrippen die in de modewereld tot enkele jaren
geleden niet samen gingen. Dat ecofashion inmiddels haar “geitenwollen
sokken imago” ontgroeid is, bewijst ANNO. ANNO verkoopt organische
merkkleding die op een verantwoorde manier geproduceerd is. Dit alles
onder het motto: beautiful YOU, beautiful WORLD. Bij ANNO staat fashion
voorop, maar tegelijkertijd kun je ervan uitgaan dat je aankoop duurzaam
geproduceerd is.

ANNO is de winkel voor mensen met gevoel voor design èn duurzaamheid.
Mannen en vrouwen met een vooruitstrevende kijk op mode en het leven, die
begrijpen dat mooi en eerlijk prima samengaan. We verkopen kleding,
schoenen en accessoires van vernieuwende Nederlandse en Europese
designerlabels die, door onder andere het gebruik van kwalitatief
hoogwaardige ecologische materialen, ecofashion naar een hoger niveau
getild hebben. Bij ANNO is een mix van stijlen te vinden: zakelijk, casual
en ook chique. bron www.annostore.com


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