Look Of The Day: Inspired by Vintage Versace

There is just something about this label that gives its characteristic vintage look so much value. And I’m not just talking about economic value. More like emotional, nostalgic value. Since the early the 90’s Versace was immensely popular within high fashion but also had an influence in urban street culture. Rappers such as The Notorious BIG and P. Diddy were wearing the flashy blouses and sunglasses in video’s and in the magazines looking wealthy. The look was brought to the streets with a slight attitude twist, but the message remained the same: “Baby, Look at Me Shining!”

Naomi Campbell, Gianni Versace & Linda Evangelista

Naomi Campbell, Gianni Versace & Linda Evangelista

Since the tragic killings of The Notorious BIG in March 1997 and only a few months later Gianni Versace in July, the brand started to loose its shine and it became a little quit around the once so magnificent label. Nevertheless the label was continued by his sister Donatella Versace and recently made a comeback in the scene. Music artists were re-living the Versace-Lifestyle. The label came back to life. And what do succesful fashion labels do? Yep, they do a collabo with H&M. So last season 2011 Versace was totally back to the mainstream, which will hopefully leave enough footprints for the next generation to keep the message alive!


Me rocking the Look:

jacket Primark, blouse Unknown brand found at a vintage market, jeans Berschka (customized by myself), bag Louis Vuitton, shoes Jeffrey Campbell, wallet D&G.

Artists rocking The Look:

Lady Gaga

Jessie J


Kanye West



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