Something with Flight, Birds and oh.. a House..

This unique house, designed by Bernardo Rodriguew Arquitecto is located in Portugal. I couldn’t find any other information of the design beside these pictures and the title of the house. So I tried to analyze his design and the reasons for the design decisions that he took. The pictures show a large extent of what the architect was trying to tell with his design. He uses the façade to tell the story of what is going on behind it, by making a composition with openings, material and color differences on the outside of the façade. On the inside of the façade he innovatively uses the shapes created by the openings to create new functions, such as a sort of ‘lounge bed’ that is attached to the wall and the creative use of natural lighting. From my perception the design was led by the route through the house from the entrance to the roof showing the different functions of the areas that represent the flight of the birds with eventually ending on top of the house were the residents can feel as free as flying birds. -SOXO- The House of the Flight of Birds


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