I Love Marvel Comics

What kind of superhero would you be? What would be your superpowers and what would your outfit look like? These were the questions wandering through my mind when I was a kid. I made up stories and completely new worlds in my head, all because I read a comic.. These comics were so magnificent to me, they made my imagination do overtime on this. Nowadays you have movies about these comic superheroes that will do the work for you.. I go to the theatre, relax in my chair, eat some popcorn and watch the same superheroes in full effect on the big screen. Spectacular images flash before my eyes and before i even notice… It’s over..


Tonight I’m going to the movies to see the newest MarvelComic filming: The Avengers

I’m still quite excited about it..



4 thoughts on “I Love Marvel Comics

  1. I’m quite envious that your part of the world was able to see The Avengers before us in America, but I’m so excited nonetheless! I never read true comics as a child (and still don’t) but I became a de facto fangirl at the turn of the millenium when my newest friend began to school me in preparation for that year’s X-Men film. I’ve never looked back! But I’m solely a movie fangirl, so I know that makes me a lesser variety. :-)

    My friend and I used to laugh that my superpower must be a sort of magnetic force (with electric bolts that shoot from my fingertips) which drew all “losers” toward me but repelled those that I wanted to know better. But now I’ve decided that I want Thor’s Hammer. Until I saw the movie recently I would never have dreamed that to be true, but it was SO COOL and I feel like I would wield it well. Ha!


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