Where Architecture meets Fashion: 3D-PRINTING

A new phenomenon is rising: 3D-PRINTING. Where this technique was already used for quite some time in architecture, mostly used to make 3D-models and maquettes to improve the designprocess for architects, has now become more familiar with other industries such as fashion. This is resulting in a revolutionary way to design and produce fashion. One of the most innovative fashiondesigners at the moment Iris van Herpen, who presented a totally 3D-printed dress in January 2012 for her Escapism Collection, was recently named one of the 50 Best Inventions of 2011 by TIME Magazine.

Escapism Dress by Iris van herpen ©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Escapism Dress by Iris van herpen ©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Combining design with technology, Dutch couturier Iris Van Herpen’s fantastical dresses are initially planned in Photoshop. She then works with an architect to develop a 3-D model, which is printed onto a polymer over the course of a week, resulting in a ready-to-wear dress that is an exact replica of the original sketched version.

Another event showing off the possibilities of mixing technique with fashion was the Hats off to 3D-printing Fashion Show, which was shown during the Materialise World Conference 2012 in Belgium. The 3D-printing hat designcontest was organised by i.materialise.com CHECK IT OUT!


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