The beauty of things.

While my blog is heavily under construction, still trying to figure out how everything works, I would like to leave a first message out here. I was thinking about starting a blog for quite some time, but I could never decide which fascination I would blog about. Fashion? or Architecture? Maybe music? Within time I learned that I actually didnt have to choose. I have so many interests and at times my head gets full with images and thoughts wondering through my mind. I came to the conclusion that I just had a fascination for the beauty of things and it made me create an overlaps between these fields. With every thought, idea, sound, picture, object etc.. My mind just cant help but to pick out the beauty of it. In the end, the way we perceive the things around us is totally personal. I would like to share with you my way of viewing things.

The beauty of things.


2 thoughts on “The beauty of things.

  1. I totally relate to you, I felt a pressure to narrow my thoughts down because I felt that it was a rule and that people would be confused if I talked about more than one thing. You are so right though why should we have to choose after all we are all layered and are interesting in more than one thing at a time. I’m eager to see all the things you’ll be posting about.

    #romysway :-)


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