Openair Frauenfeld, I’ve gotta be there!

The Line-up is amazing. Well that is if you are a little bit into urban music, which i am :). It’s a 3 day festival, that means 3 days filled with the best live-acts and a whole lot of beautiful … Continue reading

A Bubbly Hotel in Seoul, South Korea.

From the outside you might not immedeatly see all of the bubblyness of this hotel, but once you have entered the lobby you can’t get pass its funky interior. A typical superhotel with mixed functions. The customer actually never has … Continue reading

Baby, I’m Micheal Jackson Bad!

REDBLACKGOLD The red leather jacket, for some reason it will always be associated with one of MJ’s greatest hits Thriller.. We all remember that scary, but o so cool video. Get some of that 80’s MJ coolness. Get your red … Continue reading

Somewhere between Fashion & Architecture and Beyond Beauty..

Inspired by my previous post, I just had to drop a new post showing a glimpse of Iris Van Herpen’s collection. Some of you fashionfollowers might have seen it already, but to my more architecture orientated readers… you should see … Continue reading

Where Architecture meets Fashion: 3D-PRINTING

A new phenomenon is rising: 3D-PRINTING. Where this technique was already used for quite some time in architecture, mostly used to make 3D-models and maquettes to improve the designprocess for architects, has now become more familiar with other industries such … Continue reading


My first fashionpost! One of my favourite materials is obviously CASHMERE and one of my favourite colours is BLACK. This may sound as basic as it can get, so thats the reason why i decided to devote my first fashion … Continue reading